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Mekas’s professionals will monitor the Cloud around the clock to rectify the issues instantly. We develop and configure Cloud Monitoring Software, which will minimize the suffering of the company by providing a rapid response.

Mekas can configure/setup cloud monitoring software with customised service levels that come with a rapid response that allows for real-time, proactive monitoring. This will improve application performance and reduce system disruptions, minimizing significant downtime costs.

Instant solutions

If once the issue is pointed out, we will resolve it within 15 minutes.
No matter what the time is, professionals of Mekas will be active around the Clock.
Whenever the issue escalates, we get alerts and professionals would work on it to find the appropriate solution. With an extra set of expert’s eyes that are proactively watching and validating alerts, issues are resolved instantly. Embedded alerts to troubleshoot identify critical issues faster and apply restorative action immediately.


Data that are situated to the cloud is protected by high-level security.
Even if any Miserable happens, your data could be quickly recovered by the experts of Mekas.
Collaborate with us to lead a safe and secure business.Take the next step to secure your cloud journey with MEKAS. We help you to address all the Data Security Challenges that cloud brings in. We have a well-defined process in place for protecting data securely and utilizing all the benefits of AWS cloud offerings.


Mekas’s professionals are working 24/7 to get you a highly responsive web experience without any limitations in services. Applications that you run from a cloud needs to be monitored thoroughly.Increase your applications Uptime and reduce downtimes with proactive reliable alerts with complete incident management and visibility in the Cloud.Talk to us to understand how we can apply and improve your overall enterprise monitoring and security for cloud-based services and applications.

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