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  • GCP Labeling
    Labeling Google Cloud Platform resources Contact us Do you run and manage applications on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP)? Do you need to group and classify your GCP resources to satisfy compliance requirements? Does your finance team is asking for visibility on which team is spending where and how? Do you want to track GCP resource utilization by the team and the engineer? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ll be glad
  • Mekas Cloud Services
    Authors & Credits: Imperva,Raj Meka Contact us Introduction  Most mid-sized to large enterprises have already moved some of their infrastructure,  data, and workloads into the cloud for better agility, efficiency, and cost savings. Nearly  three-quarters of businesses are running a hybrid and/or multi-cloud strategy today,  according to Forrester Research.  Cloud migrations are often part of larger corporate digital transformations that include  the adoption of DevOps strategies, microservices, APIs, containers, and more. Security  is never the
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  • Authors & Credits:Ben HagaiGlobal Migration Practice Lead, Professional Services, Google Cloud Kuntal MitraTechnical Account Manager, Professional Services, Google Cloud Contact us Cloud migration is one of the biggest organizational changes that technologists will go through this decade, with a profound impact on a business’s ability to innovate and its overall economics. Migrating to the cloud gives organizations an unique opportunity to not only improve their flexibility, reduce costs and focus on their core competencies, but ultimately,
  • Credits Author:Kim Lambert, Imperva Contact us The new 2020 Cyberthreat Defense Report (CDR) released this week. Now in its seventh year, the annual report provides a look at how global cybersecurity professionals perceive threats and plan to defend against them.The CDR enables cybersecurity professionals to benchmark their company’s security posture, operating budget, product investments, and best practices against peers in their industry and geographic region. As a survey of 1,200 security leaders and IT decision-makers
  • Contact us  When moving to the cloud, many organizations concentrate their focus on the change in technology, and overlook an area just as complex: cultural change. . While it can be tempting to believe in a universally ‘correct’ strategy for change management, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Every organization will have its own unique considerations. But with that said, there are some core strategies we’ve found to be relevant and useful across a broad range of businesses.