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The migration part would be an easy one if you roll on with the hands of professional.

Hire Mekas and be an example for your competitors.

Simply count on Mekas and pull back your cushions. Talents of Mekas are here to navigate your big data and applications to Cloud. It wouldn’t charge one-fourth of your share for migration, but comparatively, you can’t find this effective, efficient and cost-cutting process out there.

Cloud migration is nothing but driving the entire official data that includes the application or other business elements to a cloud computing atmosphere. There are many liable clouding environments to go with complete safety. It would eliminate the hazard that you face while you are maintaining the physical hardware. 

Even if you decide to uncloud, it would be easy to move the entire clouded files and applications back to hardware or local storage.  


Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud brings the entire feature, which would never fail to meet your requirements. This cloud offers public and private cloud options from multiple providers where you could transfer a public cloud's data to a private cloud.

Private Cloud

When your data deals with the production of your business, probably you should move on with Private cloud as it offers excellent security and control. The credentials of the cloud can be limited to your substantial resources.

Managed AWS

Gear up the business without having any objectives in mind as this AWS will leave the complete customizable authority to you without giving up on safety, standards or control.)

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