Infrastructure as Code leverages tools that seek to remove the need for administrators to manually log into servers and change configurations by storing server configurations in programmatic, but human-readable files in source code.

DevOps Advisory

  • Assessment of tools and processes
  • Creation of a business value case for your DevOps journey
  • The road map and framework you need to begin DevOps implementation
  • A blueprint tailored to your specific needs regarding DevOps tools, practices, and processes

DevOps Implementation

Once you have your strategy in place, Mekas can also help you with DevOps implementation.

  • Development and operations adoption management
  • Infrastructure as code
  • Implementation of best practices for your operations
  • Continuous integration, delivery, testing, and code inspection
  • Orchestration and monitoring of your system

DevOps Support

Once you have fully implemented a DevOps team, ongoing development, management, and support is key to successful innovation

  • Ongoing support and maintenance for automation and CI/CD projects
  • Continuous integration, delivery, and operations support
  • DevOps tools maintenance
  • Code inspection and reporting
  • Automation, data management, and execution testing
  • Monitoring and alerts

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