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The IT infrastructure is a framework that supports one’s business. Our infrastructure solutions help to manage IT risks at all levels of an Organization. With a focus on planning, we apply industry best practices to protect your information from security breaches.

Enduring Infrastructure management Service

To persist in this digitalized era, you will have to reconstruct the current dynamics to fully efficient platform, which would make your competitive run delightful. The transition from the ordinary platform to the extraordinary digital platform should be the next pace of Your IT infrastructure without altering but revising the cost pressure, legacy investments, and the improvisation of curiosity amongst your customers. Mekas’s infrastructure management facilitates a range of availability and frequent optimization in clouding solutions beyond the ecosystem of business applications. Cloud infrastructure is not entirely different from real time or on premises, but the large storage room will not be required for cloud infrastructure and the service option, which could be acclaimed online.  Representation of better servers, storage, compute resources, and security will be the sign of leading cloud infrastructure managing company.

Once you are online, our professionals will guide for the initial installation, configuration, monitoring, and optimization of virtual machines and cloud services. Every edits and alteration will be happening on a web-based interface.

Development Center

Mekas’s state-of-the-art development centre is located in Chennai, India. The Chennai centre is capable of executing large mission-critical assignments. Our office facilities provide an exclusive environment for highly skilled and dedicated professionals to engage in a collaborative partnership with our clients. We are equipped with best-in-class software and hardware coupled with hi-end communication facilities. The office is powered by the latest online servers, guaranteed power and battery back-up systems. This enables us to function in a more efficient way thereby providing uninterrupted services.

Data Center

Mekas collaborates with leading Data Centre companies in the United States and India to provide our clients with redundant, reliable and highly secure IT infrastructure. The Data Centres are equipped with the first-rate facilities, redundant systems that assure network uptime, high-density power and cooling systems, fully integrated UPS’s, fool-proof security measures, fire safety mechanisms and a dedicated customer support network. Our connection is on a SONET ring with auto-recovery and redundancy offering our clients with high availability, low latency and fast transfer speed. The data centre facilities are certified SAS 70 Type 2 and are PCI audited.

Technical Specifications

The servers are APACHE, Lotus Domino and Microsoft IIS fast Ethernet connected to a OC-48 or OC 192 equivalent of 16 T3 put together and on a 100 MB Fast Ethernet LAN.

  • Mekas’s servers are IBM Netfinity Class and Intel Servers.
  • All of them are multi-processor with High-end processors
  • Hard-drives are high performance Ultra SCSI hard drives.
  • Fault-tolerant 100 MB network interfaces.
  • The system is under 24 hrs UPS and a generator and is backed up daily.
  • Every system has been stress tested to handle more than a million hits a day.
  • The systems are redundant and if one fails the other can take over within a few minutes.
  • These systems are custom built to be web servers.
  • All servers are with RAID for Fault Tolerance.

Software Support

  • Supported Operating Systems – We are experts in Windows, CentOS, Linux,
  • Supported Applications – IIS, Lotus Domino, Web Servers – Apache.
  • Supported Database – MS SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL.
  • Supported Technologies – Java Servlets, Perl/CGI, PHP5, ASP, ASP.Net, and JSP.


Tight physical security is maintained at all entrances and exits, with fingerprint check and id check devices. Network is monitored 24×7 at both data centres. All administrative access to the servers is through protocols supporting encryption such as SSH. The software configurations are updated periodically to ensure maximum security.

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