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Infrastructure and Cloud Security

Cloud Security completely protects your cloud-based systems, data and infrastructure with the help of controls, procedures, technologies and expert’s experience. Certified professionals are here to implement security measures, configuring rules, adhering to regulatory compliance whilst protecting data,  in the customer’s space. As per your business requirement,  traffic is consistently filtered and cloud security validated.  

Mekas presents multiple services that include assessing, testing, information security consulting, enhancing the strength of applications and networks of companies from various industries.

Our certified professionals follow best practices tailored to your needs, safeguarding cloud computing environments, applications, and data.  No matter what stage your company is now, we are here to provide complete impactful support.  

Compliance testing

Mekas's engineers deliver automated and manual audit for the IT environment and its components to secure your agreement with PCI DSS, HIPAA, and all other standards.

Vulnerability assessment

Our automated and standard security evaluation aids to identify vulnerabilities in the clients’ IT infrastructures. The security testing team of Mekas will identify, quantify, and line up the network weaknesses of security.

Penetration testing

Experts of Mekas will point out the system’s vulnerabilities, validates existing security measures, and provides a detailed remedial roadmap.

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