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Securing Google Cloud Platform

April 19th – May 10th

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Presented by:

Raj Meka, Founder and CEO, Mekas Cloud Services

Event Details:

As organizations start taking advantage of Cloud native solutions, rapid adoption of micro services is inevitable, threat models around these micro services are not entirely well understood. As opposed to just securing the monolithic applications, organizations need to think about how all the cloud based services are interacting with each other. North-South used to be the network entry and exit points for the traditional data centers. Organizations need to think about east-west in terms of network communication between all these cloud based applications within the network.

In this series, Raj Meka, Founder and CEO of Mekas Cloud Services will discuss the best practices to follow to secure your services on Google Cloud Platform.

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About Raj Meka

Raj Meka is Founder and CEO of Mekas Cloud services,  helped many Financial, Health Care and Ad Tech companies with their Cloud Strategy, Security and compliance. Raj has 20 plus years of experience in architecting, building and securing data centers and infrastructure operations.  Mekas Cloud Services offers end to end cloud services to design, build, monitor and manage your Cloud resources. Raj is Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect, Professional Cloud Network Engineer and Professional Cloud Security Engineer.

Session 1 - April 19 - 6:00pm pst

Session 2 - April 26 - 6:00pm pst

Session 3 - May 3 - 6:00pm pst

Session 4 - May 10 - 6:00pm pst

Join us to know the best practices to follow to secure your services on
Google Cloud Platform